I thought so much what to write to accompany these pictures, because I don’t want them to pass unnoticed, as this is one of my favourites outfits shot for Destray! But I got to the conclusion that the best way to share it with you is to tell you the story of the day, so here we go…

This was actually the reason why I had my City-Break going back home, I went to a wedding! I simply love weddings! Love is in the air, everything is set up pretty and organized to the smallest detail, everyone dresses up in their most beautiful gowns/suits and then it’s all about having a good time!

And at this wedding, trust me, that’s really what it was all about: having a good time! And I really had! You know that feeling when you are away from home and you just miss a party from back home? It’s different in each and every country, so you know that you won’t find the same atmosphere everywhere! So this wedding party had everything I’ve been missing: Romanian music, traditional music, oldies (goldies), all you could ever want from a wedding and so, of course, I danced until the very end of it!

All in all, the wedding was amazing and totally worth to go back home for! Oh, and they had a Candy Bar, you know me, a foodie, so it just made me love the wedding more!

The outfit was one I really enjoyed wearing. You know those kind of dresses that seem simple, but that’s what makes them beautiful? This is one of those! It is simple and really easy to wear, which is exactly what I was looking for, as I really wanted to have a good time and not worry about taking care of the dress or any wardrobe malfunctions that may appear. On top of all, I just love this combination of Emerald Green and lace! Then the sandals are just dreamy! You know glitter is a guilty pleasure of mine, so when I saw these: sparkly and classy, I had to take them! And surprise, they matched this pretty little clutch!

All in all, my outfit pieces kind of fell together in what I consider to be a great wedding outfit: comfy and pretty! And I had a good time too, so it was a win-win situation, definitely worthy of me going back home for a few days!

The scenery totally completed the pictures and I am really proud of the result! Let me know in the comments section what you think about the outfit!

With that being said, I am hoping you’re enjoying your week so far (hang on in there, weekend is coming!) and I’ll see you soon with a brand new look!

Stay classy, D.
















I was wearing:

Dress – R&M Richards

Sandals – New Look

Clutch – Avon

Earrings – Avon

Ring – Avon

Photos by: Iulia Romana Pop.