You know when you get really, really busy and you don’t have enough time left to do the pictures in the day light? What do you do? You do them in the evening!

Finally I have a bit of spare time in my crazy schedule (still after dawn, as you can see) so I did what I love most which is walking around the city with no special purpose in mind! And while I was at it, I realised how Christmassy the city is getting! Lights are coming up, “Jingle Bells” can be heard from the cafes, shops become fairytale places all of a sudden, and all of this just brings a smile on my face and makes me get into the holiday spirit!

I love Christmas, I feel like it’s a holiday that brings people close together, and even if it may be a bit too early to think of it, the city just whispers smoothly that Christmas is slowly coming!

So, for my evening walk I chose a black & white outfit matched with a long, red coat! I always love to add up a red thing, I feel like it brightens up the whole outfit, and therefore my mood too! This time I included the bag too, choosing this red/black purse to go with, and the usual smile that completes everything!

Of course I was attracted by the all-white shops and their cozy feeling, so I already spotted some Christmas presents, but shhh, it’s a surprise!

How is your weekend going, darlings? I hope you have a bit of time for yourself, because I can definitely tell you that it matters! This is my battery-filling weekend for the last crazy month and probably for the upcoming one too so I am enjoying it at its max! Have a great Saturday evening and an even better Sunday and I’ll see you on Monday with a freshly new Inspirational post!!

Kisses, D.











I was wearing:

Jeans – H&M
Shirt – Vintage
Sweater – No particular brand
Coat – Bon Prix
Necklace – Claire’s
Ring – H&M
Purse – No particular brand
Boots – Clarks

Photos by Sara Marsalo.