I am back! As I explained to you in my last post, assignments are taking over my life these days, so unfortunately I don’t have enough time to cover everything I’d like to do, which very much involves my blogging activity! I am so sorry I left my last Inspirational Monday uncovered, but I promise you a very nice Inspiration post next week!

So today, to keep the same peaceful vibe, I will show you these pictures made at dawn by the river! As I promised you when I left back home the last time (here) I returned to show you a bit more of the river, the bridge and I really hope you feel the calm and silence that I always get filled with when I go there!

The outfit had to be a simple one, so that it would just embrace the beauty that surrounded me, but I still had to have a special something, which in this case was this beautiful burgundy vintage coat! Ever since I discovered this colour, I fell in love with it! I feel like it expresses so much on its own, that there’s no need for added accessories. So, it’s the best way to wear a simple outfit that still looks bold and stands out, and all because of this amazing colour, isn’t it interesting? What made the outfit even more special were these really comfy wedges that matched with the coat. Not to mention that the sunset colours were completing this looks in a perfect way!

So, I’ll let you see by yourself! Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think! I don’t want to repeat myself, but I am going straight back to writing assignments, so if you’re done, enjoy your early-start of the holiday, and otherwise, hang on in there, we’ll get our vacation soon!

Love, D.














I was wearing:

Coat – Vintage

Sweater – New Look

Top – Primark

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Wedges – Primark

Clutch – No particular brand

Ring – Avon

Photos by Lubos Menus.