Hi guys! A new week is here and this Monday my Inspiration post is a bit different! I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, so my post will be entirely dedicated to this, read on and you’ll find why!

The Liebster Blog Award is an award that has the purpose of getting new bloggers out there and getting bloggers to know eachother. I think it’s a great idea, so when Darrica nominated me (by the way, make sure to check her blog right here, it’s pretty cool) I took it over and accepted the challenge.

If you don’t know what it is, the Liebster Blog Award consists of these 3 simple rules:

1. Answer 10 questions from the blogger that nominated you.

2. Nominate 5 – 10 other bloggers and create 10 new questions for them to answer.

3. Don’t forget to give credit to the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.

4. Be true and have fun answering the questions.

So, here I go answering Darrica’s questions:

1. What made you start blogging and how long have you been blogging?

Hmm, that’s an easy one – my love for fashion! I started my blog as a fashion one, focusing on outfits posts and even if I am evolving all the time and so it’s my blog and I am planning new and different posts, fashion will always be my first true love that made me start the blog. I’ve been blogging since August this year.

2. What is your favorite season and why?

My favourite season is without a doubt summer! I love it when it’s warm outside and I get to wear girly skirts and dresses and I don’t have to worry about carrying coats with me! Also, it’s the time when I get to relax the most and, as a bonus, my birthday is in the summer, so I am enjoying it even more!

3. If you could go back in time and change something what would you change?

Probably my attitude towards life. Nowadays I believe that I should always be grateful and positive and keep looking forward fighting for my dreams, and as all people, I have had moments when I was in doubt and thought I should give up, so if I could, I would erase those moments and reassure myself that I should believe in me and my dreams, because everything will be as it’s supposed to be in the end!

4. What is your idea of a great weekend?

Beach, cocktails, good music, good friends and the right mood to capture all these and enjoy complete relaxation!

5. Who is your favorite artist at the moment?

I am a music lover and so I like and admire a lot of artists, but I must say that the one that I admire most for her hardwork and consciousness is Beyonce! She has a great family, a huge career, she is a role model for any women and a great motivation to keep working towards one’s ambitions! And above that, her choreographies and songs are amazing, so basically there is nothing that one could not like about that!

6. What’s the least favorite thing you like about yourself?

Most people probably would agree: I am really talkative! I have always talked a looot, and lately I have been trying not to, because I am actually trying to listen more to people and talk less, now if it works or not, you tell me!

7. If you could go anywhere in the world for free where would you go?

Around the world! I love travelling so much that I want to explore every country, culture, food and music that there is on this Earth! So it would be so hard to choose something, as I want to spend some time in every corner of this beautiful world of ours.

8. What are your top three favorite blogs?



The Style Scrapbook

9. Do you have any pets? If so, name them!

I don’t have any – my brother has 2 parakeets, Cipi and Bella, and as they are the family’s pets, they are kind of mine too, whenever I come back home!

10. What’s the best blog post you have written? Leave the link so we can check it out!

Hmm, this is tough, I don’t think it’s for me to decide, as I like them all because I do them all with love, but I guess I’ll choose this one: http://destray.uk/2014/10/31/cozy-feeling/


All because it was a really happy moment in my life, I came home and I was feeling so cozy and relaxed and I had my amazing best friend besides me and my crazy-funny-great photographer and friend, so we were all reunited, laughing around on the streets. Even now, when I think about I smile, and because of this, I will definitely choose it!

Thank you again Darrica for all the questions, I had fun answering them and I hope you’re pleased with my answers!

As I have to nominate bloggers now, it is your turn to show me your blog! I am eager to look at various new blogs and get inspired by some new articles!

Sooo, leave me your blog link in the comment section at this post and I will choose my nominees next Monday – on the 29th of December and that is when I will post my questions too!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I am looking forward to discover and nominate new blogs!

Much love, D.