I thought a lot about what today’s post should be and several ideas ran through my head. I thought about talking Versace ever since yesterday, but then I thought that I just talked about Valentino 2 weeks ago and it may seem a bit boring. But then, it hit me: fashion is never boring, and since you’re here, you most probably agree!

So, I don’t know what’s with me and Italian fashion houses lately, but they seem to get me! I should seriously think to plan my next vacation in Italy to get inspired by their beautiful sense of style! Don’t get me wrong, I love the French ones too and I have a huge crush on French fashion, but I guess this will come up in another post!

However, when it comes to fashion shows, there is nothing I love more than watching a Haute Couture show. Even if any fashion show is great to watch, a Haute Couture one will send you to another world – a fairytale, ruled by long dresses and pretty details.

This is how the Versace Haute Couture was too, and it ended with a great concert by Elie Goulding. Great show, if you ask me, and I would really want to be there, but I guess I’ll wait for a while.

Also, what I love about a Versace dress is that you can always tell it’s Versace and it doesn’t have to have the logo on, it has those tiny little details that automatically led you to its creator.

What better way to start the week if not admiring some beautiful dresses with some amazing cuts and catchy details? I hope you have an inspired week, darlings!

Lots of love, D.














Photos by http://www.vogue.co.uk.