It’s weekend again, but this time the weather is not that nice! I haven’t seen a pretty sun in a few good days now and I really miss it! However, this weather reminds me of Worcester, of England…

All this wind and rain and this gloomy atmosphere will always stand for British weather in my head! That is the only thing that I am not enjoying when living in England and the main thing that I was hoping to not encounter in Belgium, but, well, I think this didn’t go as planned.

But, as you know, a cloudy day is the time when memories come back to you, so I thought it was the perfect time to share with you these pictures from the last photoshoot I had in Worcester a couple of days before leaving. To be honest, I was meant to post them before I left, as I had a bittersweet feeling about leaving and starting over again, but because of technical issues, I was not able to get hold of the pictures before I left so I got them later on.

I really like this little hill, it’s the perfect space to see the whole Worcester and as you can imagine, it was a great “last place to be” for me! To be fair, I started this experience with not knowing what to expect, a bit reluctant to changing my temporary home again and right before leaving – not sure if it was the right thing to do anymore. So I was happy to discover that it was indeed one of my best decisions, I am having a great time with great people, and I still have lots to discover and way more to learn about people, places, cultures and obviously, about myself.

Oh, and also, I remembered how much I love this cape and that since I have my fluffy pink coat (this one) I kind of abandoned it, so I think it’s time for me to take it for a walk and wear it again!

With that being said, these are the pictures of a little throwback to about 3 weeks ago, and on that note, I can’t believe it’s only been 3 weeks since I am here, I feel like I lived here for ages! Enjoy your weekend, darlings!

Kisses, D.


















I was wearing:

Cape – Bonprix

Jeans – New Look

Top – Primark

Boots – No particular brand

Hat – Primark

Photos by Sara Marsalo.