To travel is to live! You know I live by that, by the thirst of seeing more, knowing more and getting to cover as much of Earth as possible because every little place, every person that crosses your life has something to teach you, and so the more you learn, the more you know.

As you know my Erasmus experience has been mostly about school tasks and running to classes until now, it’s about time to start the real deal: travelling around!

So today, after a long expected sleep, some last minute preparations and a little photoshoot I am ready to take off to my next destination for the weekend, which is Amsterdam!

I have never been to The Netherlands, but it’s been on my wish list ever since I picked Belgium to live in for these 5 months, so I am really excited! Also, we’re a big crew heading there, so it’s going to be really fun, can’t wait!

As for today’s outfit, since I am packing again and colours go with me, I thought I’d share a black-ish outfit. Some white and some gray here and there, but mostly monochrome, and no bag for today, as this pretty little wallet goes great as a clutch. Since I am always carrying around lots of stuff and I have a really big, heavy bag, it’s really refreshing to not have to worry about that every once in a while.

I’d better go finish packing now, so that I make sure I am not late! Have an amazing weekend, and keep an eye on my Instagram, I’ll keep you updated! See you on Monday!

Lots of Love, D.












I was wearing:

Jeans – New Look

Sweater – Terranova

Blazer – Vintage

Ring – H&M

Wallet – River Island

Boots – Clarks

Photos by Caitriona Williams.