I am a lover of heels and sky-scrapers and as glam as possible shoes – not that my height would need any help, but heels have always been something I loved, when choosing shoes and I enjoy wearing them as often as possible. However, I have those days when I just want to be really comfortable and I feel in no mood for getting up there and spend the day above the clouds (just kidding, I probably got my head in the clouds 90% of the time, regardless of my shoes choice).

Anywaysss, I might estray myself from the topic that I am trying to talk about here. So, in those no-heels days, I am looking for something comfortable – obviously, but still, I want my shoes to look good and therefore, make me feel good for wearing them. So, I think I found some that may shine (literally) as I want them too.

While in Paris, during my first day there, we popped by the opening of Chiara Ferragni’s first store at Le Bon Marche where she exposed her new collection. And you know me and my guilty pleasure for sparkling things, I just loved those flats with fries or lipsticks or endless lashes!








So yes, from the entire collection, these were my favourites! But then, if you’re not like me, and prefer something less sparkly, but in the same playful tone, these might just be made for you:





And for those moments when you want to combine these designs with your love for heels or you just want something modern and edgy, these might just do:





Going back to the event itself, it was, as expected really crowded, moreover since Chiara has mentioned that she’ll make an appearance and has encouraged her fans to come along and celebrate with her. As fashion week is chaotic, and other duties were calling for the busy blogger, she did not manage to get to the whole crowd that formed a line in front of the shop, but they were let to admire the shoes and enjoyed some refreshments.






The best part of staying in line while waiting to see the shoes was seeing beautiful ladies dressed amazingly and get inspired by the colours and great styles that they have pulled off. Just so that you get a taste of what I am talking about, here are a few of them:






What do you think? Would you wear some shoes from Chiara’s collection? What would you wear them with? I am looking forward to hear your ideas! Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next week with a new post!

Kisses, D.