I have been waiting to tell you about this ever since it happened, but as I was so busy, I did not want to rush and just write a short, meaningless post, so I prefered waiting and write exactly what I want to tell you.

So, in case you don’t know, Kayture is my favourite fashion blog! I wrote about it previously, as an Inspirational post too (here) focusing on some of the most amazing outfits featured on the blog. Kristina Bazan, its founder, was my blogger inspiration ever since I started blogging, so posting her as a fashion inspiration came naturally, however, today I am talking about her again, this time from a different point of view.

She is also one of the biggest bloggers of the moment, if not the biggest, as she has won Blogger of the Year award, as well as Influencer of the Year, so apart from having fans all over the world, reaching more than 1 million “Kayturettes” as she would call us, she has also received official recognition from the industry’s experts through these awards.

So, you can imagine that, the moment I heard that she will have a meet and greet session while I am in Paris, I decided this is faith telling me that I have to go and meet her! So I did! And I was truly amazed by her…

She has always promoted kindness and highlighted the fact that we should be grateful for everything we have and we go through and she has showed she is. However, I have been dissapointed in the past by people promoting a mindset or lifestyle only to realize that they don’t actually believe in it. So I was happy to see that this was not the case at all with her!

She is truly one of the most genuine and kind people I ever met! Even if there was an ocean of people following her to get the chance to see her and take a selfie with her or hug her she stayed and hugged everyone and acted extremely grateful for everyone that came. When I got the chance to see her, I could truly admire her beauty and the uniqueness that comes with it by combining that beauty with genuine kindness.

In the quick chat that we had I continued to be amazed…she was so true to me and encouraged me to not give up on my dreams and keep going with my blog was a motivation boost! Not only because she is the proof of success, but also because she has started from the bottom too and therefore gave me hope much needed sometimes, to continue with all my dreams. I was speechless! I was so happy to see that there actually is a way of being successful through kindness and by being nice to everyone! Most people these days tend to create a feeling of hate or envy towards eachother, while in the same business/industry and I truly believe that by being nice and honest with people, you can get further in life. And she is the proof.

Her great team, Fiona Zanetti and James Chardon were right beside her, while everything was being filmed by a CNN team and broadcasted in the UK, for everyone to admire her success and hard work! I could not have been happier!

Even the fact that she is constantly working on her dream of becoming a singer, while being a hard worker and not abandoning the blog only shows that if you want it hard enough and work even harder you will for sure succeed! Obviously, travelling the world with your best friends is a plus, but hey, they worked for it, so they deserve it!

I hope to be as big of an inspiration for  some as she is for me now! Because I believe that a lot of people have great ideas that just go to waste, while if they would have a bit of motivation, they could get far with their dreams! It’s all about believing in yourself, working hard and not giving up, no matter how close you are to doing that sometimes! Keep going, and you’ll fulfill all your dreams, step by step you’ll get where you are destined to be!

I strongly advise you to look at her blog if you haven’t already at www.kayture.com and I am sure you’ll feel the same as I do about her! There’s no way you cannot like this girl, she’s too much of a sweetheart!

Have a lovely, inspired week and let me know what inspires you, I always love hearing some good stories!

Believe in yourself, D.






Photos by myself and Deea Sab.