Long time, no see!

Last time I was writing I was in Romania, enjoying what was an extremely welcomed and relaxing vacation! Now I am back in Belgium, still holding to that holiday feeling, and mostly thinking about the summer ahead, but assignments are bringing me back from the clouds and reminding me that they come first, and then summer, ugh…

So, I have to “man up” and stop day dreaming and actually start doing them. So, in the light of this feeling, I am presenting to you today, this boyish outfit, because, well, sometimes you feel like giving up those cute, little skirts, and have a more serious look with a masculine-cut blazer and a bold attitude!

You already know that I love blazers, so since I went home with little clothes, I indulged myself with a trip to my mum’s closet where I found this beauty and I decided that it has to take a walk with me! It’s impressive how creative you have to get when you don’t have your usual clothes with you and you find yourself in front of some old clothes that you left home and then you match them with some of my mum’s – thank God – inspired wardrobe! I actually like it, it’s a challenge to match things that you don’t have in mind; however, if I have to rush and I have to do this, you might not want to be in my way, as I will be having a nervous breakdown until I find what I want. And that’s where my manly look ends and my girly attitude starts…

Anyway, I pulled off this look and I really liked it, so I might do it again, when not in the mood for skirts or floral prints! I shall go back to my assignments weekend with the hope that you’re having a better one than I do!

Hugs and kisses, D.

















I was wearing:

Jacket – Vintage

Shirt – Primark

Trousers – No particular brand

Necklace – Avon

Ring – Avon

Purse – Vintage

Boots – Clarks


Photos by Iulia Romana Pop.