When I set for this Erasmus adventure, one of my goals was to travel! As much as I can, as far as I can! I did not make it that far, but I do think I had my fair share of travel! Apart from that, with my friends being on Erasmus too – one in Paris and one in Barcelona, my goal was to see them both and so, visit these pretty cities that they both went too.

If you are following me on Facebook on Instagram, you would know that I got away for almost a week in Barcelona, and had a reunion with my friends. I came back to Belgium on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, one of them, my bestie, joined me and so we enjoyed some more time together!

Ever since I came from Barcelona I had a reboost of energy, and now I feel it even more! Which is weird, because if there is something that I did not have these past weeks, it’s sleep! But then I realized, energy does not come only from sleep, energy comes from people too, and it is so important to be surrounded by people that would give you that good energy and that positive vibe! I keep noticing that more and more, and so I try to channel my energy to people that I know will give it back to me and put a smile on my tired-I-need-sleep face!

So I decided to use my Inspirational Monday post to tell you this. To tell you that I wish I would post more, sometimes I wish I would post everyday just so that you can see the beatiful things I see at the same moment as I see them, and I tend to get too driven by this. So I had to take a step back and realize that I need to live stuff, in order to Instagram them, and talk about them here, that my posts would be more honest and truthful if I would enjoy myself and my time in my adventures and then rewind them with you, rather than take pictures and then run to my laptop to upload the new blog post.

Time flies, and as I travel so much, I notice that I have limited time in some places, limited time with some people, so I’d rather spend my time with the right people and enrich my personality and grow as a person, rather than being stuck to my phone all the time. And as I am a work in progress, sometimes I need to be reminded this, maybe more often. And to the people that do this, that value the time that they spend with me and make me do so too, by taking me off my phone, thank you.

So I will share with you all my Barcelona adventures, and my outfits and all that I am up too, and what is next on my mind, but one step at a time, and always after I take care of my responsibilities, and more important, after I enjoy the time with my dear ones. On that note, here is my first Barcelona outfit, this pretty little vintage dress! I realized that I value vintage clothing, probably because I love reviving it, making it modern while keeping that oldie-but-goldie touch, so you will probably see more of these pieces coming up here!

I love Barcelona and all that it has to offer, but even more, I love that it has the city life and the beach, so after a day of work, or an exhausting class, you can just take a walk on the beach and relax, I love that.

I hope you have an inspired, productive week, and that next time you enjoy a chat with your mum, or a coffee with a friend or some cozy time with your loved one, you will leave the phone in your bag and truly enjoy the moment! I promise to take that advice too and do my best to do so!

Much love, D.










I was wearing:

Dress – Vintage

Sandals – No particular brand

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Photos by Deea Sab.