So, as it wasn’t painful enough that I spend almost 24/7 inside studying, now a heat wave came around to show me even more, how fun it is to stay indoors and study, when melting and when my only wish is to be on a beach, somewhere…

Yep, that’s what’s happening. I am still at the “studying for exams” chapter of my Erasmus, from which I try to sneak out from time to time and actually get out of the house and socialize with humans. Like today, when we went on a little adventure to find a boat that sells ice cream, because what’s better than an ice cream? An ice cream on a boat! (See the deliciousness on Instagram) And an adventure it was indeed! Took us a while to find the place, but you know how I enjoy getting lost on cute little streets, so it was great! And the treat was really worth it, such a good ice cream!

*Remembers the post is about fashion and not ice cream*

Anywaysss, when it comes to unbearable warm days, I always love going for a loose dress, made out of an easy material, just like this one. And this is exactly the kind of print that says “summer” for me! I kind of have a crush on it now, so I am looking for some new summerish items that have this kind of print, and of course, I am looking to explore other combinations of colours! So if you know any pretty ones, give me a shout out in the comments, cannot wait to see your favourites!

As you know I love my burgundy long blazer, I was amazed with how great it goes with this dress, so I feel for this combination! And yes, it was about time to be a bit taller and at least fake some heels, by going for these beige beauties!

Hope you enjoy this dress and combination as much as I do, and I wish you a lovely weekend!

Much love, D.















I was wearing:

Dress – Bonprix

Blazer – Vintage

Wedges – New Look

Photos by Deea Sab.