If you haven’t seen Mad Men at least once and you haven’t heard of Don Draper’s charm and mystery or Joan Holloway’s beauty, all wrapped up in the world of Advertising in the 60s, then you have some catching up to do.

I may have started watching it because I am captivated of the Advertising world and because I study that and I love seeing an agency at work, doing creative stuff, but I ended up watching it because of the twists and turns, and everything around that world seemed intriguing.

Also, I came to the conclusion that I would have liked to live in that time, not because I was a fan of their morals, or of their way of treating women – not at all, but more because I liked women’s style and the way they dressed and acted. ¬†Of course, cigarettes were everywhere and morals did not really exist, but the show itself made its point and even though fans have often doubted the characters’ behaviour, everything was always amazingly thought up to every detail. That is something that fascinated me – the set evolved, the concept did, and the show slowly moved towards the 70s and so, and the fashion captioned each and every step that the characters’ made throughout the years.

Joan Holloway, played by the beautiful redhead Christina Hendricks was the biggest style inspiration of the series because she always seemed like she knew how to wear only clothes that would look good on her.

You know I like looking for inspiration in all kind of places, and since I liked this series so much and the style too, it felt only right to give it a spot here and share it with you all. As I fell for Joan’s style, I decided to share some of her best outfits as well as some from other stars of the series, for this week’s Inspirational Monday.

Have a look, let me know what you think, and soon I’ll share with you my own interpretation of Joan’s style in a modern world.

Enjoy your Monday, D.













Photos from www.pinterest.com