I have always admired ballerinas and the grace which they dance with. They always put on a perfect show and don’t let you see the amount of hours that they worked and how many times they got hurt or didn’t get to eat because they were practising. All because of the amazing passion that they dance with.

And even if the dance styles that I approached were far from ballet, I have always loved watching a ballet show, because they are all so pretty and classy, and they look fairytale-ish. And more than that, we all know ballet is not easy and that the dancers often go through a lot of pain while rehearsing. Even so, that pain is never seen, that struggle is never seen on stage. On stage, they play their characters to perfection. And more than the tutus (I always wanted one) and the beautiful dances, I admire their strength and discipline.

Furthermore, how they teach themselves that strength and that discipline all because they love their passion and they want to succeed into fulfilling their dreams it’s truly impressive. And right here is what we all have to learn. That believing in our passion and working constantly into achieving our dreams by believing in ourselves and our passion is the key to being content with ourselves, with our work.

I always try to remind myself that I have to keep going and believe in my passion, because it will eventually get me to where I want to be. And it’s hard sometimes, and letting go seems so handy sometimes, but I try to not embrace that feeling and keep going. It’s better to do small steps than to stop going, right? So, just like a ballerina, don’t lose that discipline and keep working on improving yourself, it will take you places, for sure!

I know usually Mondays are for inspiration, but I just felt like sharing these thoughts with you along with the outfit. And so to go with these lines, here is my pink ballerina outfit, modified as for a day outfit, of course, which is why I added the blazer. Yes, nothing can beat a tutu, I know, but adding a smile and a pretty lipstick might just get you the perfect look to run the day!

Keep going until you reach the top, D.















I was wearing:

Dress – Bershka

Blazer – No particular brand

Purse – H&M

Watch – Calvin Klein

Ring – Avon

Necklace – No particular brand

Sandals – New Look

Photos by Emma Hannon.