Mornin’ dears,

The day you’ve all been waiting for this week is here – it’s Fridaaaay yaaay! Any plans for the weekend?

I hope you have a great one planned ahead, or that you’ll be spontaneous and turn it into a great one! Whichever the case is, try to enjoy Friday too because, you know, it’s one day you never get back. And then you’ll find yourself lunging for it, so you better live for the moment and enjoy every bit of your life!

When I say lunging for a moment, I picture myself still listening to live DJ sets from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or some of the most well-known songs of Avicii or David Guetta, and picturing myself back into those days when I was in an Untold world and I danced and sang every day and basically, lived with a constant smile on my face because of that great vibe that surrounded me! It was that freedom of being yourself and enjoying the music and living it to the fullest! Or at least that’s what my version of it is! :)

While on the first day I went with a basic-expected-festival outfit with boots and a jeans shirt (here if you missed it), on the second day I started warming up and anticipating that I will be jumping the whole night, so I went prepared! I put on my sneakers and there I went! Ready to dance the night away! I kept the girly thing though, I wore a dress. This dress just got my attention the moment I saw it in a fashion boutique at the seaside. I tried it on and it turned to be so comfy and easy to wear and even better, a bargain! So I thought what better place to wear it than the Untold festival itself? A loose sleeveless blazer on top and that was it – the perfect outfit for a festival day turned to night!

I hope you like the outfit and share with me your thoughts on it!

Day 3 is on tomorrow, not that early, because…well…it’s Saturday, you know? Sleeping ’til late, that’s my Saturday’s first goal! Haha, either way, early or late, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Enjoy your Friday, D.


I was wearing:

Dress – Seaside Boutique

Blazer – No particular brand

Sneakers – Nike

Bag – Avon Cosmetics

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.