Hello darlings,

As I keep telling you, Untold was an amazing experience and I cannot wait for next year’s edition! The last day amazed the crowd with a great ending – lights, animations, fireworks – it was perfect!

And well, since we’re talking about the last day, it means we reached the end of my Untold outfit series, but not to worry, I am here to end this in style!

This outfit was my favourite! It was the most feminine one and I was really looking forward to wearing it! During the festival, I mostly wore casual, comfy things, mostly branded, so they were not something unusual, they were something accessible to everyone. I needed a bit of originality and uniqueness.

And so I wore this beeeeaaauuutifuuul dress!! I literally love it so much! It has a great print, those amazing cuts and that chic, girly, vibe. It’s just dreamy! And it was a real success! Everyone asked me where I got it from, and got all curious about it!

But now there’s a little secret to it. I got it from my “back up storage of cool things”. I most certainly told you about it before, didn’t I? Well, I will tell you again! It’s my mum’s amazing taste in fashion and her great instinct of not throwing away any of these beautiful pieces, until I run through them. Yes, you got it right. It’s a vintage piece that belonged to my mum, and which I reinvented by customizing it and matching it to my style and voilà – a fresh piece that can easily fit into today’s trends!

Nowadays, a lot of catwalk collections are reinventing the 70s, the 80s or the 90s, collections which brought back these cuts and prints. So I am really thankful to have a few of these original pieces that are actually authentic, from those times. Oh, the purse too – same story – and that’s an item you’re surely see more of in my posts!

I added a bold, red lip make up to go with it and also this pretty head band that I found at a boutique at the seaside, and which is actually handmade. Looks really cute!

Bottom line is, I most certainly fell for this outfit! Let me know if you did too! Also, do you ever borrow any items from your mum, and if so, what? I’m really looking forward to read your comments!

Enjoy your Sundays, loves! D.


I was wearing:

Dress – Vintage

Purse – Vintage

Head Band – Handmade

Sandals – Golddigga