Hey babes,

Another work week completed and in return, another Saturday morning without an alarm, joyful!

I have decided to have more discipline in my life and not snooze my alarm at all this week, and I didn’t, not even once!! You may see it as a small thing, but it’s an achievement! I used to be really ready to get out of bed when my alarm went off and I remember that in high school I never ever snoozed it! But then, somehow, year 2 of university, and Belgium experienced a lot of snoozed alarms…And well, then I was on vacation, so no alarms at all.

But I decided to bring myself on track and so I woke up every morning without snoozing my alarm, in time to cook breakfast, to pack a healthy launch and get ready! So proud! So I am celebrating this small milestone by sharing these pictures full of confidence stating that “I was born to be fabulous”!

I followed my advice and decided to not be so hard on myself (the full post is here) and instead I started to support my decisions and reassure myself that I am going in the right direction. I was born to be fabulous after all, right?? Too much? Oh, okay…

So this weekend is all about some relax time and preparing my next posts for you, and a lot of new stuff that I have in mind for Destray! Good vibes only!

Also, I suggest you get a T-Shirt with a bold message like this one, it will make you own the day the second you put it on! See where I got mine from after the pictures!

And that cute vintage clutch is everything! I just love it! Unfortunately is too old to have any clue where it is from, so that I can tell you where to find one, but definitely let me know if you find something similar!

Have a lovely weekend with beautiful moments and don’t forget to share with me your #MonochromeMorning moments on Instagram, I will keep sharing mine! Late mornings are accepted, it’s the weekeeeeend!

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

T-Shirt – DivaCharms (www.diva-charms.ro)

Skirt – H&M

Sandals – BonPrix

Necklace – New Look

Sunglasses – Local Boutique

Clutch – Vintage

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.