Hey loves,

I really hope you are doing amazing,  and that you have been enjoying the last week. I am truly sorry for the lack of updates, but Freshers’ Week caught up on me and I enjoyed a bit of social life as well as going to work and taking care of all my responsibilities, and because the blog posts were the ones that needed the most preparation, I fell behind with them. I apologize, but you know as much as I love to post, I don’t like ignoring my friends or my life in general because I love to create memories to inspire me to write more on here. Yes, cliché, I know, but I hold on to this. because I truly believe that.

Now I am back to business and ready to inspire you with a trend that has come back really strong and maaan, it’s awesome!

And yes, as you would have guessed from the title (subtle, right?) I am talking about co-ords. For people that don’t know what co-ords are, where have you been? they are the two pieces outfits of the same fabric/colour/print.

I never liked them, and to be even more fair with you, I really disliked them – my mum would always love the co-ord suits, and I would just avoid them at any cost. But, you know as you get older, and technically wiser (still to be confirmed) you do understand stuff and start liking things that you absolutely could not stand. Which is why I now love co-ords! I think it all started from seeing the crop-top ones, and then seeing them with shorts and office blazers – I just fell for them! They seemed fresh and reinvented!

And now I would wear them sooo much! But, surprise, surpise, I don’t really have many because of my late development of love towards them! So I get creative too and create some from the pieces that I own! But I promise you I am on the hunt and looking to add some to my wardrobe! If you see any goodies while shopping – let me know!

For now, here are some Pinterest ones that I love and the one that I created will be up on the blog tomorrow! Enjoy!

Much love, D.


Pictures from www.pinterest.com.