Hello darlings,

As yesterday I showed you some of my favourite co-ords, today I am showing you my own one!

It might be because I started working and I like office looks even more now, but I really love co-ords and I think there is one for every occasion! As I told you, I am searching for more to add on to my collection, but until then, I created one with garments I barely remembered I possess!

And yes, I am a fan of this colour, and I really loved how they worked together! So, as a little tip, have a quick search through your wardrobe and you might be surprised of how many co-ords you already have *wink wink*.

As I did not want the outfit to be too plain, I also added a bit of floral print, but in some neutral colours – to keep it simple! You know – less is more!

Literally, everything fitted perfectly with this look! I mean, this new bag I bought together with the burgundy one is black so goes with loads of things, but look how great its zipper effect complements the zipper of the skirt! I know, it’s impressive!

So today’s life lesson from fashion – you never know how pieces will fall together, they might surprise you and make a perfect combination, so don’t lose hope!

Hugs and kisses, D.

DSC_0104 copy

I was wearing:

Blazer – Vintage

Top – New Look

Skirt – Saint Tropez

Shoes – New Look

Bag – JustFab.co.uk

Watch – Calvin Klein

Pictures by Alex Chr.