Hi guys,

Finally, a new post is up!! Trust me, I have been so excited to post this, that I just could not wait any longer! You probably figured that out since my previews already started a few days ago! Sorryyyy, couldn’t help it!

Mostly because I really, really love this look and the whole concept of the photoshoot! Credits go to this new photographer that left his mark around here a while ago, but now he’s back with even more creativity, which is exactly what I need for my posts! I will surely let you know more about his work soon!

The outfit is formed fully of New Look pieces, apart from my JustFab bag, which you know already. Those boots are to die foooor!! I saw them earlier this month and when I tried them on, I knew they were meant to be mine! As a tall person and a person that loves over-the-knee boots is really hard to find some that actually are over the knee. So when you find a cool pair like these, you never let go!

And then the sweater – come on, is it cool or what? I love turtle necks and I decided that I need more of them, but the fact that is also asymmetric really makes it stand out! So as you can imagine, it was not hard for me to picture these two together as a perfect outfit! The earrings also helped, made the outfit look like “something more”, ordinary definitely is not the word for it!

I love when designs go a bit further than the usual, and follow the trends – here the turtle neck – but also bring something original – like the cut! Makes my job as a creative way easier haha!

Now that I detailed you my outfit I really want to tell you more about the concept of the shoot. This was the first photoshoot I have done in the middle of a busy street, posing like it’s just me and the camera. Usually it’s a place without people, or without too many things around, but this time we tried something different. And I really liked it!

Because it shows how my life is – rushed! I am always running from one place to the other, trying to fit everything in my schedule, and so were all these people around me, rushing somewhere or with something on their mind. It’s impressive how many people you see daily, but you don’t actually see them. Because we are all rushed, all in our little worlds, thinking about our next step, meal, meeting etc.

Which brings me to my lack of posts. I am really not enjoying this. If I could, I would be posting all the time!! But I hate doing things superficially, so I will only plan a photoshoot if I really have time for it and I don’t have to rush it, so that the outcome is something that I like and of which I am proud. I hope you agree with me in putting quality over quantity. And with that being said, my posting schedule will be a bit altered until I find a way to have regular articles again. However, I am really working on figuring that out soon because of all the thoughts and ideas that I am looking forward to share with you!

I think by now you can tell when I haven’t posted in a while because I keep going on and on and make the post really long! Sorry, loves! I hope you enjoyed it though and I am looking forward to hear your thoughts on this outfit!

Have an amazing weekend!

Much love. D.


I was wearing:

Sweater/ Jeans/ Boots – New Look

Bag – JustFab

Earrings – Accessorize

Pictures by Alex Chr.