Happy New Year, beautiful people!

I hope you spent your New Year’s Eve surrounded by people you love, enjoyed moments of laughter and happiness and danced the night away!

I cannot believe how fast 2015 has gone by! It’s been such an intense year! I lived in 3 countries, visited 3 more, met amazing people and learned so much! Somehow, it was a difficult year, changing my environment and the way my daily life goes so many times was exhausting at times. There were times when I wasn’t at my best, physically and mentally, there were times when I stepped back and reconsidered parts of my life. But throughout it all, there wasn’t a single moment when I didn’t feel loved and supported by my dearest ones! My family – undebatable, as well as old friends and new friends, I was blessed to have them all in my life!

I realized that it’s ok to let people go, that it’s even better to make new friends and enlarge your horizons and most of all, that I can do whatever I put my mind and heart to, as long as I’m truly determined and committed!

I am grateful for everything – the good and the bad in my life, and I am sooo excited for 2016!

I have so many dreams that I want to turn into plans, so many places to see and so many things to be thankful for!

One of my dearest baby projects that I am hoping will grow better and stronger this year is this little blog, where I have shared with you so much and I am looking forward to share with you many more of my creative ideas!

Thank you for staying by my side in 2015 and I can only hope that you will be with me in 2016 and that we’ll grow into an even bigger community!

As I do every 1st ofJanuary, I have started to write my resolutions today and I can only hope that I’ll be healthy and mindful to accomplish them all! Do you write yours? I feel like they become real if I see them on paper, and I love when I come back to them and tick what I’ve accomplished and see what I have to work more on!

Anyway, I wish you a beautiful year, full of great moments that will turn into precious memories and I hope you’ll have a smile on your face all year-long and that you will be blessed with great people and experiences and that you will be kind and grateful for them all!

Remember – believe that you can, and you’re half way there! With 2015’s learnings let’s move on to 2016’s plans and make this year count! Make this year YOUR year!!

Much love, D.

Pictures by Piece of Art.