How is January going? Can you feel the January blues that everyone is talking about?

Rumour has it we’re supposed to be lunging for our holiday and keeping a sad face all day to prove that we just want to go back to eating Christmas food and quit this reality.

I cannot say I’m happy that the holiday is over, because as you know, for me holidays are more than eating and having fun, they are also a time when I get to see my family and my closest friends. This time, it went by so fast, that I barely saw friends, and instead I prefered to stay as much as I can with my family, especially because, unlike other times, this time I don’t have a set date for when I will be reunited with them.

Leaving all that aside, I don’t really feel sad or down or anything like that. I like to see the end of an year as a closure and so the new year is a new beginning. A new chapter ready to be filled with happy days! Unlike others (and me in previous years) this time I didn’t set myself any goal that I know would be impossible to achieve by the end of this month. I decided to give myself time and space to reaccommodate, to find a pace that I’m happy to keep and to go with it!

So to fight the blues, I decided to share with you an urban look today. I got my leather jacket with me, put my shades on and walked that walk into the new year. It won’t know what hit it! Oh, but while being all tough my wind did mess with my hair, hence why it is not that “on point” and yes, that hair coming out of my bun, while fighting the wind is the proof. But hey, fake it ’til you make it, right? So yes, it was part of the plan to have a messy bun, sure…

Anyways, I hope you are fighting the January blues too and that you already started the new year strong-minded and ready to tick all those resolutions on your list! I am back to work, back in the gym (after quite a while and I’m loving it), back in town and back at it, ready to rock the new year! Are you?

Much love, D.



I was wearing:

Dress – Primark

Leather Jacket – Vintage

Ankle Boots – New Look

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Purse – Vintage

Necklace – New Look

Pictures by Piece of Art.