Hi loves,

Hope everything is going well, and January is giving you the start of the year that you were hoping for or even more than that!

As I always say, my style is constantly changing, and chances are I will not be super happy about my outfit choices from a few years ago (what was I even wearing??) and that’s because I am in a continuous change too. So it’s only fair.

If last year I had a major crush on jewellery and I still own quite a few pieces, lately I truly felt the meaning of less is more. I fell for minimalism. For simple cuts, for less print and more monochrome.

Don’t get me wrong, I have not given up on colours, nor have I stopped wearing jewellery. But from time to time, I feel like keeping it simple. A lot of people see minimalism purely as black and white, but I believe minimalism is more than that. You can be monochrome in bright yellow too. It’s not as much about the colour, as it is about the way you wear it and what you wear it with.

I cannot really say why I have fallen into this minimalistic phase. I know one of my best friends is defined by this, and it probably influenced me. But more than that, it might be the rushed lifestyle. The desire to look good with minimum effort. That’s where the name comes from, right?

Also, I believe minimalism is classy, is stylish. And even if I am not going to give up my prints entirely and half my wardrobe is still going strong on colours, I am thrilled to be adding this type of outfits to what defines my style now.

And if this is not your style, you should know that you can always add a minimalistic touch to your outfit by reminding yourself about that minimum effort hack and the forever saying – less is more. Rock a simple clutch, an oversized sweather, an all black outfit or a long coat, as seen below.

I chose earthy colours for this outfit, which is a simple one that allows me to snooze that alarm one more time gets me out of the house faster, but at the same time, makes me look and feel really good.

Have you tried this style? If you have, let me know how in the comments, and if not, would you like to try it? I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this!

Hugs, D.



I was wearing:

Coat – Zara

Jeans/Ankle Boots – H&M

Top – Primark

Purse – Stradivarius

Pictures by Catalina Ciolan.