Hello darlings,

I know I haven’t posted an Inspirational Monday in a while, but I thought it’d be a good moment to do that as this Monday comes right after a weekend filled with so much inspiration!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’d know I spent the weekend in London attending the Vogue Festival. It was the first edition I have ever attended and obviously, I was really excited! And it was all worth it, it was a great experience!

The festival went on for 2 days and it was filled with a lot of great talks and masterclasses as well as a huge tent in Kensignton Gardens where fashionistas could take advantage of great offers and have some amazing experiences. The talks that I chose to attend on Saturday were Alexa Chung’s Style Clinic with Lauren Santo Domingo and Derek Blasberg and “The Allure of Paris cool” with Isabel Marant and Caroline de Maigret in conversation with Lisa Armstrong. The first show was very interesting and showed a different perspective of fashion, from 3 people with very different styles and at the same time, different inputs in the fashion world, but they all agreed that in order to make it into the fashion world you have to work your a** off, no joke! That, and that the fashion world is not such a cruel one after all and you can still be a good person and work in fashion! đŸ™‚

The second show made me feel like I am in France at a small table in front of a cafe sipping on some good wine and enjoying life. Both Isabel and Caroline looked effortlessly chic and explained their style with just as much ease. And guess what? The secret of the French style is that this is what they put on top – enjoying life – looking good while being comfortable, while feeling good, while not caring what everyone else wears/thinks/says. Oui, j’adore!

On Sunday I attended only one talk, but it was one that I was quite anxious about. It probably won’t come as a surprise the fact that I have been thinking about developing a career in fashion. Therefore, the ideal workshop seemed “So you want to work in fashion?” with Kate Phelan, Lulu Kennedy, Mary Katrantzou, Rosie Vogel-Eades and Simon Longland in conversation with Calgary Avansino. All these people have different roles in the fashion world and they’re all amazing at what they are doing, so it was great listening to them talking about how they got there and what their tips for newcomers are.

To be honest, I thought this last workshop was the one that would inspire me career wise, but at the end of the day, I found them all three extremely inspiring and I felt very grateful to be able to be there and listen to some great people that are so successful in their careers!

Apart from that, what inspires me most at events of this kind are the people. All the people. The people that attend the talks, the people that come around and have a look, the people that give the talks. Why? Because they all find these events the perfect moment to express their style, and it’s amazing how many styles have inspired me this weekend. The fact that a lot of them are very different from mine is what’s even more inspiring because it pushes my boundaries, my brain to become even more creative and to think about different outfits, new approaches to certain trends and so on.

Apart from that, I must say, being able to have my bestie as my photographer and companion this weekend was the cherry on top! Pictures of my outfits and details about them will come up on the blog soon, but for now, I just wanted to share with you my experience while I am still hype!

Bottom line is, if you’re into fashion and you have the chance, do attend events of this kind, you meet people, you open your mind, you get inspired, you create great memories, and who knows, maybe you even shape the direction of your career!

A big bear hug, D.



And I got the kind of “Look, mum, I’m on the cover!” picture: