Hello darlings,


I figured it was about time to post a little update. I have so many pictures to show you and so many things to tell you, but every day gets busier and busier and I never get to finaly finish a post.

Ever since I posted the last article I have been through so many things, so many feelings. I was a part of the first Agent Conference organised by the University of Worcester, which gave me the chance to meet people from all around the world. It was a great – exhasuting, for sure – but interesting week! Right when the conference ended, my family came around for a week, I cannot believe it’s already been a month since they have been here! They came so that we can celebrate Romanian Easter together, and so we did. And then we travelled around, and spent some good, well missed time together. After that, it was back to work. And I had planned a busy month for myself, so May flew by with me running around. I took a 2 days break to attend the Vogue Festival, and then it ended with a beautiful week of celebrations – societies, sports teams, volunteers, everyone got their recognition for working hard and having a great year.

And so I told you all about my May in a paragraph. See, that seems easy. But it wasn’t quite just like that. May was a month full of emotions. I have been grateful to see my family, sad to see them go, exhausted by lack of sleep, nostalgic to think that my best friends are leaving, excited to spend time with them and have nights out and enjoy life, guilty that I haven’t been as productive, that my blog was on stand by, extremely happy to attend the Vogue Festival, forever torn in between more sleep and more fun.

So if you’re still here following (I know it’s a long one, so thank you!) you have probably realised that all this rollercoaster was not easy. And you know, by all means, I am not complaining – looking back, it was an eventful, but amazing month. But emotion wise it was a lot to take in. Which is probably why I naturally strayed myself from the blog, until I got to a point where I had the time to just be with myself and realise how I’m feeling about everything that’s been, everything that’s coming. Truth is, I am so used to being involved in so many things and being busy and productive, that by allowing myself this month of time with family and friends and fun, I felt a bit torn. Torn between being more productive and enjoying the moment. But at the same time, I am a firm believer that you have to go with your gut and do whatever feels right, because you wouldn’t want to live with a “what if?” in mind. So, as you’ve figured, I felt like having a break from side activities and instead see my friends and go out and have fun while still working full time and having little to no sleep.

I am sure you can relate, I am sure each and every one of you had a moment in your life when you were torn between two different things and you had to choose one. Am I wrong? Could be. But now you know what I’d always choose – what my instinct says and what makes me smile at the time.

Yep, I might end up being dellusional at the end of the month and have my friends telling me – guuurl, that’s it, you need to sleep! (it might have been like that…) but at least now I have some great memories and I feel closer to my friends than ever.

Bottom line is you decide what’s right and what’s wrong for you – because you are the one that ends up living with your decisions. Just like these pictures that have been taken in the rain. Yes, we could have waited for better weather, but we decided to go for it, and I do love the result, and hope you do too.


Lots of mumbling in this post, I know! I hope you managed to follow and that it reminded you that it’s okay to take a break, it’s okay to not know what’s best, it’s okay to go with whatever feels right. And I hope you always will.

Much love, D.



I was wearing:

Blazer – Vintage

Top – Primark

Jeans/ Shoes – New Look

Pictures by Sara Marsalo.