Hello babes,

That’s it, it’s summer! June is here, sun is shining, our minds are flying far away to beautiful beaches, and last but not least, our wardrobes demand to look more summerish.

I’ve started created my summer 2016 wardrobe a while ago, but you know, when the weather is gloomy and windy, you don’t really feel like buying crop tops, and instead you run to the coziest of sweaters! So now that it’s finally warmer, I can indeed finalize my summer looks! Throughout June I will share with you my favourite summer pieces for this year so that by the end of the month you’ll feel fully inspired to show off your summer looks!

This Monday I’m showing you my favourite tops! Some I own, some are on my wishlist, but regardless, they’re all musts for my summer! I must say, and my friends know, I’m not the best when it comes to buying tops – apart from that 99.9% of the time ending up buying a dress (oops) I have this feeling that when I buy a top I want it to be special and unique. And then I go home and I wonder why I don’t have any basics. Well, think about it, Diana.

Sooo yeah, I’m working on it! Which is why I decided to make the best of both worlds and find simple tops that actually have a little detail, or they’re tailored in a special way or just choose them in a cute colour so that maybe, just maybe, I end up actually having tops in my wardrobe too, and not just dresses.

With that being said, here are my top 10 picks and the reason behind them, enjoy!

10. A simple shirt

Oh, look at that, I actually chose a basic piece! Well, shirts have a special place in my heart, so I’d always choose a shirt when in doubt! For summer – maybe white, baby pink, or striped.


9. Sailor top

Come on, this is a classic! Whenever I think of this I picture a red scarf tied on the side and some jeans and voila – the outfit looks as summerish as ever! Definitely a must – doesn’t matter if you’re sailing or not.


8. Criss Cross

I never thought this would be my type of top, but now that I have one, I am thinking about buying some more, they are really cool, and make a good transition from day to night. And they’re cooler in the summer.



7. Lace top

Do I even need to explain why? Lace is the perfect summer option – it’s edgy, but cute.



6. Bell sleeves

Okay this is my new obsession! I am really looking for the best one right now, because I definitely want one. And to think I didn’t like them for so long…Man, I was wrong.


5. Backless

Especially after you get that really nice sun kissed tan, you’ll want one for sure. It’s the perfect way to wear a comfy outfit and make it special.


4. Crop tops

The time where these are actually wearable without experiencing sooo much cold has finally come. There are so many ways to wear them – dresses, shorts, jeans – you name it!


3. Flower power

Is there really a summer if you don’t wear something with a floral print?


2. See through

I love those summery outfits with bikini tops and see through tops, or an interesting bra and a printed top. Summer party – there’s your outfit! Pair it with white jeans or shorts and you’re ready to dance the night away!


  1. Off the shoulder

I need more of these! Even if it’s so hard to find one that I actually like on me, and not just in the magazines, I’m not giving up, I will find my ideal one – and so should you!



Yes, mix as many as possible and just make sure you’re comfy and feeling good at all times – and wear a cute summerish colour – it will boost your mood!

Love, D.

Pictures from Pinterest.