After quite some days, here it is – my outfit from the first day of the Vogue Festival.

It’s been a while but I still have the same strong feelings about it – I loved it! Being surrounded by fashion minded people and inspiring outfits was amazing! The first day was all about workshops so it was a great chance for me to reinforce my fan girling for Alexa Chung, and to adore even more the French style!

More over, it was a day of inspiration career wise, as I was admiring all these people for how focused and hard working they are and I was filled with motivation to be the same and stick to my goals, and who knows, maybe I will work in fashion one day too?

As for my outfit, you have to know that I travelled light, very light, so I had a few key pieces that I could work around with. And for both days I chose to mix a vintage piece (courtesy of my stylish mum, of course) with a high street brand. And I loved the results!

For my first day I went with this blazer that is very close to my heart (hence why you’ve seen it before hehe) because I really like the colour and the way it’s tailored, paired it with black jeans and added simple heels to it. Of course, I wanted to make it a bit special so I included a little accessory – a black bow.

I was really happy with my choice and I really liked the way it all went together with the London scenery.

Judge for yourself! Second day outfit coming soon too!

Have a lovely weekend, babes!

Hugs, D.


I was wearing:

Blazer/ Bow – Vintage

Jeans – H&M

Sandals – New Look

Pictures by Deea Sab.