Hello darlings,

How has your week been? Good or bad, Saturday is here to cheer you up, and no let’s not already think about tomorrow afternoon and the Monday anxiety. It’s only Saturday.

So good vibes only, as it’s the weekend. Today I am sharing with you these pictures that don’t make me think of anything less than the weekend or okay, maybe a holiday.

And no, it’s not only because of the sun (that was melting my face – UK weather take a note, where is that sun now?) it’s because they made me think of why I love fashion and why I am so into it and eventually what made me start my little blog.

It’s because of that feeling of freedom. Whenever I stay clueless in front of my wardrobe it’s because I don’t know what to wear  think of how I can dress however I want to dress and I can be whoever I want to be for that day because I have this freedom of choice, the freedom of owning my style and of looking and feeling as different or as similar to the crowd as I want to. And that’s amazing. That’s also what made me start my blog in the first place, the fact that I wanted to share with you my evolving style and how I like to use my creativity to create new outfits, new styles and new combinations that might only fit me or that you can get inspired from and create a whole different outfit that will fit you. Because we’re all different, but we’re all guilty of sharing this passion for fashion.

However, my freedom didn’t stop there. Having this little blog made me realise how I have this freedom of speech that I can use to accompany my outfits, or to share with you what inspires me or even to express my concerns on global issues. It’s hard though. It’s such a contradiction that we live with every day. We love to have our freedom, but we fear to share it. Growing up in a society where what others would think about you ultimately dictated how you thought about yourself was not easy, but once I realised that I have my own opinions and that it’s okay for them to be slightly different or completely opposite from what the others think, that’s when I realised that I can literally do whatever I want to.

And that’s why I always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and share your opinions, you might make someone more open minded, or you might make someone smile thinking that he/she is not the only one thinking that. Same with style, dress to express, share with us your creativity through your outfits and own it. You got this!

I chose to share these thoughts with you together with this outfit that is literally one dress and a bit of lipstick. Ever since I bought is I thought that it will be the most comfortable thing ever. And it allowed me to spin around, to have fun and enjoy the sun while it lasted. It was a happy day.

A while a go I got this e-mail in my inbox from the Man Repeller announcing the world that they are partnering with H&M and Bloglovin’ to find the “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year”. And since I spend some much time in H&M and most of my blog posts have a little something from H&M I thought I should go for it and try my chances. Who knows?

Fingers crossed for me, pretty please! And I promise to let you know what happens with the competition and share the winners, even if I’m not amongst them, so that we can all get inspired over here!

Until then, I leave you with these pictures of me loving life and enjoying the beauty of simplicity.

Your turn now – go out there and enjoy your weekend adventures!

Much love, D.


I was wearing:

Dress – H&M

Pictures by Clara Flybring.