Hi darlings,

As much as my blog is focused on fashion and not make-up, with all this girlyness inside me you can imagine that I do like a bit of make up talk. Actually, maybe more than a bit. I admire all the effort that goes into a face contoured better than a painting, and I truly believe it’s a lot of hard work. However, I also think that there’s a time and place for a contoured face. Photoshoots – perfect, a big event or a night out – sure, but I’m not an adept on wearing it on a daily basis.

Mostly because I really like natural looks, I believe that with the right products you can get a lovely texture and look really nice with less make-up than you’d think! Also, I am not a morning person, so even if I’d like contouring as a daily make up – ain’t nobody got time for that! 
And lastly, I don’t like looking the same all the time, which is why I prefer a natural look during day time and if I miraculously wake up earlier and have the time, I will create a sharp eye liner, if not, I’m definitely a fan of a bold lipstick to get you through the day! 

And yes, I speak so confidently about it because my beliefs have been confirmed by a make up expert, which makes me hold on to them even stronger! Rupert Kingston, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Delilah, a luxury British cosmetics brand, came to Worcester to show us how to do the perfect summer make-up! 

The event was hosted in the forever stylish Stripes Fashion Worcester shop and every attendee got a Delilah lipstick! I know – amazing, right?

So as much as Rupert reinforced my beliefs, I also learnt a lot from him. Tricks like giving your skin 5 minutes in between mousturiser and BB cream or foundation or applying your foundation with a brush instead of your fingers (yes, we all do it) make much more of a difference than I would have thought! 

To attend the event, I wore a simple pencil dress and a vintage sweater. All paired up with these New Look sandals that I fell for and that are extremely comfortable! 

Okay, now you know a bit about my thoughts on make up, but I guess the most important is to appreciate whichever age you are in, and work with your skin and show its natural glow, without covering it in more products than necessary – leave that for a special event! 

I got really into this now so I might do another post showing you my daily routine and how fast I’m ready to leave the house (yes, because I am probably rushing out the door). 

Let me know your thoughts on make up and what tips and tricks you go by! 

Lots of love, D.
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I was wearing:

Dress – George

Sweater – Vintage

Sandals – New Look

Bag – No particular brand

Bracelet – Accessorize

Pictures by myself & Clara Flybring.