Hi darlings,

As I am writing this article, I am waiting for my flight to departure from England and head to my long missed home, Cluj. This is how the post should have started…

I started writing it while I was in the airport, but then the internet wasn’t loading fast enough, sockets didn’t work and my laptop died. The end.

And yes, this is one of those moments when you realise being a blogger comes down to having internet. No internet, no article.

Anywayssss, enough blabbing, here’s the post…

I am finally going on a break! A break with studying, lots of creative thinking, a lot of projects to be put in place, but which will most certainly start with a few days of complete relaxation.

I am so excited to be with my family and spend some time with them. Turns out, ever since I started travelling and have lived away this is the year in which I spent the least amount of time at home. Yes, it is normal, you’d say, but at the same time, even if they say that it gets easier in time to be away from your loved ones, let me assure you it most certainly doesn’t, it gets worse…

Anyways, I ended my time in Worcester this year with the cutest Christmas dinner with my girls, my second family and it felt exactly like a family dinner – it was the best! We had Swedish, Finnish, Turkish and of course, Romanian food and we ate until we couldn’t move anymore – as you do at Christmas, and then we went out to burn all the calories – danced until the morning! It was a perfect evening that reminded me how blessed I am to have all of them in my life and how much we grew together to now be calling each other family.

I am very happy to be having a break, I always take this time of the year to reflect on myself, on how things went, on planning new projects, new ideas, it is overall a very thoughtful, creative time for me. So as my sweatshirt in this outfit says – I just want to create stuff, drink coffee and sleep! Basically my holiday goals! And eat lots of amazing food and spend lots and lots of time with my most loved ones!

So yes, I am now in Romania, starting my little break by spending time with my family. In my search for easy outfits to wear on my holiday, I remembered about this one, that was shot on a very sunny day and pretty much expresses everything I am looking for on my holiday. Oh, and those boots!

Speak to you soon, lovelies!

Kisses, D.



I was wearing:

Coat – Zaful

Sweatshirt – Rad

Jeans/ Purse – H&M

Boots – New Look

Pictures by Deea Sab.