Hello, hello,

I am currently sitting in the library, going through my assignments and revising, so I thought this would be a good time for me to share some stuff with you and post some new pictures! Yes, I am trying to find excuses for my procrastination, but I am writing new content here soooo…still productive hehe!

I told you I worked a lot for my blog when I was at home, so this month I will share with you all the outfits that I shot and all the beautiful locations I was in! Partly because I am homesick and being home feels like ages away and partly because I really wanted to bring a bit of snowy winter wonderland to the blog to help us through these January blues we are all experiencing right now!

So when I was in Romania all I did was cozy up in big sweaters. It was really cold, so warm sweaters were my go to all day, every day! And you know me, I can’t resist the temptation of going through my mum’s closet when I’m at home, so my options became limitless!

I found this sweater and this coat and I was surprised to find out that they weren’t bought together or from the place or even in the same year! Stunning, huh? I thought they look amazing together so I chose them for a little roadtrip.

These pictures were taken at “Moara de VĂ¢nt”, a beautiful place not far away from Cluj, my hometown, where for a small fee you can spend some time with animals, feed them (they provide you with little buckets of food) & take pictures. It was my second time going there and I really want to go again, every time I go I have such a good time! It’s relaxing and the animals are so cute!

As it was all a winter wonderland around us we couldn’t leave without snapping some pictures for the blog, so there you go, here’s my cozy outfit for a winter roadtrip!

Hope your week is amazing and if, like mine, it’s filled with a lot of study sessions, hang in there, it will be over soon!

Lots of hugs, D.


I was wearing:

Sweater/Coat – Vintage

Jeans/Ankle Boots – H&M

Pictures by Deea Sab.