Hello beautiful,

Long time, no talking… It seems like it’s been like that for a while now.

Truth is, I had to have a break. From life really. As much as all my family and friends told me to take care of myself, it didn’t really hit me until my health slowed me down and even stopped me for a bit.

So it got me reflecting. I am a hustler and I know I always talk about that and going that extra mile, but it seems like I left something out of this mix – myself. I left myself behind and focused on work, uni, projects, anything else but myself. And I thought it’d be fineeee, until it put me to bed, literally.

For a few days I didn’t have the energy to do anything, I barely worked, crawled to lectures and antibiotics were, well, still are, a big part of my day.

So I figured I don’t really have my priorities in order. I still believe in hard work, but I think in between achieving so many great things, what I didn’t achieve was balance. I didn’t balance work and time off and I most certainly didn’t include a healthy eating schedule or sleep in my balance. So my body is fighting back. And yes, I get it. And as much as I don’t consider myself a stubborn person, I guess I am, at least a bit, if it took me a health-check panic to get to these conclusions. And you know what? I still believe that everything happens for a reason, because if I got better in 3 days, I’d have been like “It’s fineee, let me get back to my crazy lifestyle now”. So I guess my health is going head to head with my ambition. Ooops.

But, even if I am getting the hint the hard way, I’m glad that I am. And I do hope I will get well soon, and when I do, I will make sure to remind myself when enough is enough and when to put myself first (and I am certain that my family and friends will as well – the thing I’m most grateful for).

So, I am putting up this cute outfit – chill jumper, mirror heels – just as I plan to re-arrange my life – to slow down a bit and to keep checking myself in the mirror to make sure I’m on the path I should be. Did I just make a metaphor out of my outfit? Yes, I did – so I’m either getting better and creative again or the antibiotics have a say here.

Either way, after this weekend I will be heading home, because where do we all go when things get hard? I will let you know how my life re-prioritizing plan goes, but until then, please take care of yourself and as much as your dreams matter for you, don’t let yourself and your health come in second.

Sending you much love!

Hugs, D.


I was wearing:

Jumper – Vintage

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Bebo through TK Maxx

Pictures by Deea Sab.