Hello darlings,

I have truly missed this, missed writing, missed you!

I cannot believe my last post was in June, whaaaat? Time truly flies. And I know I ended that post with the willingness to keep writing and get back to regular posting, and for a while I really thought I would! But I ended up reaching a different conclusion and took this 3 months break, and I thought it’s time I’ll get back to it and start by telling you why…

In June I have just finished my bachelor degree and as much as it has been an amazing experience, got out of it with a First Class degree, many friends and invaluable memories,  I also felt the need for time away. It’s been a very intense year where I struggled at times to stay composed and fully committed to everything I got involved in. Knowing that, I planned my summer accordingly and it was all about travelling, spending quality time with friends and family and figuring out my next steps.

I even debated changes for this baby, Destray, but as good things take time, I figured I could keep posting in the meantime, because – let me tell you – while I was travelling I shot so much content and I am way too excited to share everything with you.

But I am taking it one step at a time – one of the lessons I have learnt this summer and part of the new adult version of Diana, whom I’ve noticed is changing by the day so I am just trying to get to know this new me in this new life chapter.

If you’re following me on Instagram you know that I am now a masters student at London College of Fashion, combining two of my long lasting passions – marketing & fashion – into a year of researching (my LCF course mates would know how much researching means to us!).

I am very grateful to be in this buzzing city, surrounded by beautiful people, doing what I love and trying to figure out this whole adult life thing (tips??). So I really wanted to start sharing all this with you here as well as on my Instastories. Since doing vlogs cannot possibly find a spot in my schedule at the moment, this is my way of updating you daily.

So, for my little recap I thought I’d share these sunrise pictures that never saw the light of day and which I’ve always saved for a good story…think I found it! And as the sun rises to see another day I am now on to embarking on this new adventure called ‘life in London’ (if you’ve ever travelled by tube, you know it’s a proper adventure!) and embracing whatever comes next!

Feels good to be back.

Love, D.

12-preferata also

Pictures by Dan Tamasan.