Bonjour mes amis,

As I get comfy in my blanket on this crispy Sunday, I am thinking about my warmer days in Paris and so I thought it’s about time I share with you one of my outfits that I packed in my super small suitcase that got me to my graduation and from there to Paris, so had a mix of things – it did good though!

Walks through Paris are always beautiful, I was like a kid smiling on the streets and stopping and starring at the architecture, it’s something that I always admired about Paris, and it’s what makes it unique as well. There is a top 3 things I want to do in Paris everytime I am there – walk around, eat from a boulangerie, and have an evening of wine and Macarons. And as rushed my trip seemed, I managed to do all these 3, while also attending classes at the Institut Français de la Mode.

With my trip partner (who turned photographer for this post) being as in love with Paris as I am, all the wine, Macarons and cheese platters were always accompanied by laughter and good vibes! What made the trip special and more fashion focused was a trip to Kenzo’s new concept store and the story behind it as well as a visit to Yves Saint Laurent’s museum, which was extraordinary – if you are in Paris, you should definitely go! Unfortunately I did not manage to see Dior’s exhibition, but I managed to visit Colette before its shut down on 20th December so I am quite happy with all I’ve achieved in my 3 days there.

I wanted my outfits to ‘fit in’ the French norms and apparently I did look very parisienne as I was continuously stopped on the streets and asked for directions, which also gave me a chance to practice my rusty French! My goal was to have a French vibe without being very cliché, so I went for the classic hat, a pair of culottes and a touch of red with this gorgeous vintage blazer that I stole borrowed from my mum. Good thing it wasn’t too cold and my cheeks weren’t overly red as I forgot my foundation – oops – so my make up was even more minimalistic than I expected.

Even with all the adventures around it, Paris is still always a good idea and holds a special spot in my heart and a high place on my city-break list.

What do you think about Paris? Let me know in the comments section!

Love, D.






I was wearing:

Culottes – New Look

Blazer/Hat – Vintage

T-shirt – Diva Charms x Fabulous Muses collection

Shoes – Ravalle

Pictures by Sanya Dawar.