Hi there,

Hope you’ve managed to get back into the rhythm with work, school or any other cool stuff you’re doing and that your January is all smooth sailing! Because let me tell you…

I thought mine would be, but clearly it isn’t. Not sure if I need to learn a lesson this month or if I have just purely forgotten how to adult, but maaaan it has not been easy to be back.

I haven’t been home for such a long period of time for a couple of years now so of course I jumped at the opportunity to be home once I had it. But if you’re like me, you know that being home is nothing like your usual life. First of all, I always announce my family that when I am back I am the child of the family and I should be treated as such. I hang up my independent lifestyle as soon as I step into the house and from then on I am doing as told or being as playful and childish as I wish, because it’s the place where I can be that and nothing bad will happen aka I’ll miss uni or won’t pay attention at work or do the – oh so boring – household maintenance such as laundry and shopping for cleaning stuff and so on. Okay, I’m joking, I’m still acting as an adult, but I’m just taking it easy, you know?

But this time, when I got back I just forgot how to switch ‘home mode’ off and I stayed it that easy mood as if someone was there to tell me to do stuff if I forgot and so on. But guess what, there wasn’t. I feel like I’m under this hometown spell and I need to find the clue to snap out of it. Click my heels three times maybe? I should try.

So while I figure out how to undo this spell and get back to adulthood, I thought I’d share with you these pictures from a cloudy day taken in my hometown in the spot where little me used to go and play everyday and be the kid that she was supposed to be (same one that she isn’t supposed to be now..). It’s all changed and developed but it still has a special spot in my heart so I always return to it.

Bottom line is, if you’re feeling the January blues, trust me, you’re not the only one and you’ll be the first one to know if I find any reverse spell to make the return to adulthood and reality smoother.

Until then, I hope you take the right bus/tube/car? and if you don’t, that you laugh at it and move on, in the right one! I mean, there’s 2 weeks left of January so that’s the most this cloud can last, right? Right?

All my love and much needed support, D.


I was wearing:

Jacket/Jeans – H&M

Top – Boohoo

Boots – Justfab

Pictures by Roxana Crisan.