Hey dear,

I cannot believe how time flies and it’s already February as I’m writing this. And at the same time, January felt like a year in itself. Mixed feelings. Either way you look at it, if you think January took its sweet time or that you basically rang NYE straight into February, I think we can all agree with the forever going around quote – January was a trial month, February is game time.

So, how’s the game going? With the Super Bowl just gone and quite a few good football games this weekend, it seemed appropriate to ask. However, I am not talking about them, we all know football/soccer game reviews can take pages, so I’ll stick to my subject. How’s the resolution plan going? Did you manage to start ticking things off the list?

Well, let me tell you my status. I started January very motivated, like damn, this is my year. And that mood hasn’t changed, I am still on track to making it my year although, I did spend most of my January in the library, breathing and dreaming about my assignments only and the rest of the time, recovering. So, my motivation was there, but somehow, I was lacking time. So I used this trial month to reflect and decide I need my planning to be even more specific and timely. It’s all about SMART goals, peeps aka Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and in a Time frame kinda goals, in case you missed the Marketing class, I explained it all when I set my resolutions – see them here.

So now that January is successfully completed and I even gave myself the first weekend of February off, it’s time to start the real game. I have reviewed my resolutions, planed how I am going to take action short term and I got super hyped again about ticking some goals off soon!

If you’re lacking some motivation, or you’re still unsure about what just happened with January and its sudden disappearance, fear not, your goals are still achievable. You just need to start today, not tomorrow, not next week, but right about now. It’s a Monday, so you have no excuses to wait until next Monday.

I wrote this post as a reminder that time is passing by and we should review our goals and make sure we’re on track and to give you a little motivation, I am dedicating you a little song posted right after the outfit pictures. By the way, this outfit is the impersonation of comfy and powerful and if I wasn’t freezing right now, you’d see me wearing that all the time!

It’s game time, friends, it’s time to give your best and aim high – smash those goals!

Always rooting for you,  D.


I was wearing:

Top/Culottes – New Look

Jacket – H&M

Shoes – Primark

Sunglasses – Vintage

Pictures by Alexandra Gill.

…and here’s your motivation: