November’s here!! Already! I can’t believe how fast time flies! Anyway, this means only one thing: that we need to gather as many inspiration as possible to wear the beautiful wonter coats that we’ve all been waiting for! There has to be a good thing in all this cold coming up, right?

So, today I present to you my top 5 coats to be worn during cold times. I confess some are still on my wishlist, some I couldn’t resist without, but all in all these are the coats that can keep you warm and still in style through the winter.

First one is the cape. You know from the last post that I have a crush on capes, and when it comes to a cape coat, it’s even cozier! Bottom line is that it goes on my favourites list, to be worn on beautiful, but cold days.


Second one is the leather jacket which may give you a tough look, but it will go amazing with skirts and girly accessories too, try it out! It doesn’t even have to be black, and then it will be even more feminine-friendly!


The third one is a red coat! I am a colour lover, especially of red, because it gives you that bold, out-of-the crowd look! In these days when everyone finds black a comfortable choice, I prefer going for a strong red, it will bring colour to the streets, and to my days too!


Fourth one is the fur coat! Faux fur – of course, as I am an animal lover, but I will always have a crush for these furry vests/coats which give you the spark of glam that you need to finish up an outfit!


Last, but not least, my fifth choice is a simple and classy coat, which will work with mostly everything! As long as it’s monochrome, it will go perfect with a non-colour outfit and with a full-of-prints one too!


Basically, these are the coats that I think would make a winter wardrobe interesting, giving me multiple options of mixing and matching! I really hope you’ll see as many as these in future posts as the cold is approaching and I will have to find comfort in all these stylish picks and personalize them to match my style.

That’s it for this Inspirational Monday! As always, have an inspiring, amazing week and keep an eye on Destray because I am planning beautiful future posts!

Lots of hugs, D.

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