And it’s Monday again! I seriously didn’t realise this time! I have spent my whole weekend in the library working on an assignment and today I was so tired that I could have sworn it’s Friday! Anyway, the assignment is submitted now, I am giving myself this free afternoon and tomorrow I’ll start the next one! Busy bee! 🙂

Besides that, procrastination has been limited as my phone broke down almost two weeks ago (oh, I didn’t realise it’s been so long) so I had no access to Instagram, which is why I haven’t posted in a while! Still, don’t you worry, I found enough way of procrastination in Facebook, Youtube and basically the whole internet, so I don’t complain!

However, being so stuck between papers and my laptop, I have realised that I haven’t been shopping in such a long time and that I would love so much to have the time to walk around shops with a coffee and good friends and just walk around wishlisting! As we won’t get to buy everything we want, of that I’m sure! So, after the next assignment is done, I’ll spoil myself with something new, but I am not so sure what, these being my options so far:

1. A pretty hat (been wanting one for a while)



2. A classy, glamourous pair of heels (new heels are always a good thing)



3. A cozy, big, comfy scarf (you know, it’s cozy)


What do you think? Should I buy them all? Which one should I pick? Let me know in the comments what you’d pick for this cold beginning of winter that we’re facing here in England. This weather is not really my cup of tea, I must say!
Well, that is the Inspiration for the week, I hope I gave you some ideas, and if not, I am more than happy to get your ideas and see what items would inspire you to create new outfits or what have you wished for so long?

Can’t wait to read all about it, D.

Oh, and I’ll soon solve my phone situation so I’ll let you know when to keep an eye on Instagram, and I’ll talk to you soon about a new outfit post!

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