To be fairly honest, this Inspirational Monday I feel like I am the one who needs inspiration. I feel like I am in a continuous rush, not having time to enjoy the little things and this is the reason why I have this lack of creativity. Because usually I get inspired by a really cute outfit that I see on the street or a nice print that is displayed in a shop or even by a cute little girl with 2 little braids smiling while looking up to her mother.

These are the kind of things that inspire me and bring a smile on my face, but lately I have been so caught into all this work I am doing, either for university, either volunteering that I didn’t have time to enjoy a relaxed walk that would allow me to notice all these things. And it’s a pity. And I feel like I would just want to leave my laptop or my work and go take that walk, but I wouldn’t, you know why? Because at the end of the day I enjoy every single thing that gets me tired, I chose them all: I chose university, I chose my profile, I chose to be a part of different committees, I chose to get involved and have a voice because I feel that this is what represents me. I chose to create this blog to share with you my passion for fashion and my way of living. All because, in the end, I am who I want to be and all my decisions are based on what I feel would be best for me and make me happy. Will it work? Well, I hope so, but I can’t really tell because I am not there yet.

And I don’t want to rush to the top, I want to enjoy every single step that I take, even if I miss some and trip, which holds me back for a while, I am still looking forward, but all while enjoying life and all these small little things that bring a smile on our face, being they the laugh of a kid, a happy friend or a beautiful sunset. They all add up. And the final sum is the happiness that keeps us going.

I am at a point in life where I have to make choices, decisions and it is overwhelming and I don’t have the success guaranteed, but I’d rather try and fail than not try and live with the thought “what if?”. And to be fair, I am sure that I will have to make decisions all my life, so I might as well do exactly what I want to do.

So darlings, this is a different post, and I don’t know how much of it is inspiration, but to give you a final thought: always do how you feel, somehow I am sure that it is the best decision one can make and it is the guarantee that you’ll live a life without regrets.

Have an amazing week and keep an eye on the blog as new and exciting outfit posts are soon to come!

Keep going, D.

P.S. To be sure that I didn’t bore you with all this deep thinking, I added some pictures of quotes that I actually found inspirational and on topic, so enjoy!