Well, you already know that I have a crush for capes and that I simply love wearing them. So, when the winter suddenly arrived this week in Worcester, I seized the opportunity and I took my cape for a walk.

Even if it got colder, the city has just enhanced its beauty! The contrast between the colours it’s amazing so it’s an absolute joy to walk around the streets or to go along the river…Especially since these days, the Christmas Fayre made the city sparkle and smell like cinnamon and oranges…holidays are coming!!

When wearing a cape, I feel like there is no need to try and make it special, it already is! So, with minimum effort, it just creates the classy look for you! Giving that, I didn’t accessorize much: I wore a simple black skirt and a combination of purple shirt and a pink sweater on top to keep me warm! The glam came from the simple neck-line necklace, and the gloves were the perfect addition to make sure my hands stay nice and warm!

To be honest, I was a bit redundant when this weather just popped-up and freezed everyone, but now that I got used to do, I start enjoying it because it gives me so many opportunities to become creative, to wear layers and stay warm while fashionable, so I guess it’s not that bad after all! Also, I decided to not complain about stuff anymore, instead enjoy them as they are, so here I am enjoying the not-so-smooth arrival of winter!

I hope your week went well and that you’re ready and energized for a new one! December is coming, so get ready for cheesy posts and gifts ideas as we go through “the most wonderful time of the year”!

Love, D.














I was wearing:

Cape – BonPrix

Skirt – Vintage

Shirt – New Yorker

Sweater – Vintage

Tights – New Look

Necklace – Primark

Gloves – Marks & Spencer

Boots – Clarks

Photos by Sara Marsalo.