If you are a student you know that, as Christmas approaches, so does the assignment season, so you find yourself, day after day, either in the library, or in a study centre, or even at home, but always with some essay to write, or with some presentation to prepare (if not, and rules for students are different where you are, and you only start the assignments after Christmas, consider yourself lucky!).

I am sure you already figured it out, I am one of those students, and yes, I am spending most of my days in the library! So when one of my friends, who happens to be a professional photographer, asked me if I want to take a break from studying and go with her to shoot some pictures, you can imagine that my answer was a huge “YES” and I just ran to meet her! And the result is that I had a huge smile on my face during the whole photoshoot – mostly because she is a really joyful person, but the fact that she also was my sweet escape made me even happier!

Therefore, there is no glam or “fancyness” in here, as none of these were planned, this is just a casual outfit that I’d wear on a day spent in the library! Little make-up, as I prefer a natural look and the perfect thing to make me feel cozy and warm: this beautiful cape! I just can’t get over my cape-crush, so I try to embrace them in every way possible! Taking it to the library is the best idea ever: you can cover up in it and dissapear anytime you feel like the assignment is too much and you can’t take it anymore! Or wasn’t this its main purpose? Well, anyway, it was for me!

Now I’d better get back to writing, as I want to keep up with my own deadlines, just to be sure that I get everything done before Christmas, so that I can fully enjoy my holidays! Have an amazing Friday and an even more amazing weekend! See you on Monday with a great Inspirational post!

Go big or go home, D.













I was wearing:

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Shirt – Primark

Sweater – Vintage

Cape – BonPrix

Bag – JustFab

Boots – Arezzo

Ring – H&M

Necklace – No particular brand

Watch – Calvin Klein

Photos by Gertrud Alatare.