Christmas is right around the corner!

Some would say we’re already running out of time for buying gifts, but don’t panic, I am coming to the rescue for the ones that are kind of stuck and don’t know what to buy to their fashion-addicted girlfriend/wife/mum/sister/friend etc.

So, let’s get it started…

1. A Chanel bag

This is forever going to be my number one and actually I don’t really expect it as a gift, as I want to buy it myself, but as I know a lot of people that want it, I am sure you can’t fail with this gift. A Chanel bag is always a choice, no matter the occasion, just point to a fashionista that would say no to it!


2. A piece of Alexander Wang x H&M collection

The collection is a masterpiece, so it’s impossible to not want something from it, so run and buy her something from it, or if she already has some, complete her collection, you won’t hear a negative reaction, I promise!


3. Ed Westwick’s “I AM ALL ABOUT THAT BASS” sweat shirt

Is there something else I should say? I have been waiting for this since Gossip Girl ended, and now with Megan’s song, this came at a perfect time! And on top of it, parts of the proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

So, you’re getting the Bass and doing a good thing! Hurry up, 5 days left:¬†


4. Something from Beyonce’s shop

Something, anything: either she’s mad about having the platinum edition of the album or she wants one of the amazing T-shirts or the “Flawless” phone case – trust me- she’d want something. That’s undoubtable. Oh, and now it’s even better, because you can buy a Christmas sweater with the lyrics on it, how cool is that?



5. Terry’s Orange Chocolate

I don’t know about how fashionableit is, but I am addicted and all my friends are too. So, I said I’d put it here, so you know about it too. It’s the best thing ever, chocolate and orange and therefore an amazingggg flavour!! Oh, and it’s definitely the most affordable thing from this list, so come on, don’t be stingy and buy more!


These were the ones that came first to my mind and I always go by instinct (and are probably the ones that are in my heart too) so I shared them with you! Let me know what I missed and what would you like to get for Christmas!

Have a lovely week, D.