Assignments submitted, work done, on a break from classes, everything starts taking one shape: holiday! No alarm clock, no rushing to lectures, meetings, practices, no pressure to hand in assignments, everything is peacefully quiet! And I couldn’t enjoy it more!

To be honest, at first, I didn’t really know what do to, so i did nothing! I stood in bed or carried myself around the house a whole day! And it felt so weird, I was always thinking “Shouldn’t I go somewhere? Don’t I have a meeting? Let me check my diary again!”. And it’s funny how used I got to being busy and now I got to realize how much I enjoy spending my time in a productive way!

Last Friday I had my last lecture and ever since I have been enjoying being young and wild and free! And yes, this is a Snoop Dogg reference as I went to see him on Friday! And since then, I just spent time either sleeping (much needed, this activity, I should try it more often) either catching up with my friends, as I am not going to see one of my dearest for a while…So we did reunions, we went for coffees, we laughed until we cried and we remembered things while creating new memories!

Today I am flying back home to create new ones, this time with my family and friends from home, that I cannot wait to see! This semester it’s been great: full of beautiful things, less beautiful things that taught me lessons, productive and most of all reflective! All in all, an experience!

So, as the last outfit posted from Worcester this year I chose this “full-of-layers-yelling-I-am-free” one! It’s comfy, it’s cozy while being stylish, so it’s exactly like my mood right now: ready for holidays!

Enjoy the pictures! They are from my first walk after my last assignment (so the coffee was a must) and as my photographer said – you can read relief all over my face! Soon I will come back to you with new outfit posts from my beloved Cluj! Have an amazing day and show your smile to the world – it will smile back!

Happiness & joy, D.















I am wearing:

Trousers – Vero Moda

Shirt – Zara

Sweater – No particular brand

Trench Coat – New Look

Bag – No particular brand

Ring – Accessorize

Necklace – No particular brand

Boots – Clarks

Photos by Sara Marsalo.