I am so glad and grateful to be coming home for the holidays! As soon as I got in the house I could feel that “home” feeling and it filled me with joy and brought a smile on my face that didn’t go away yet and doesn’t seem to dissapear any time soon.

But, apart from being at home, enjoying time with my family and catching up with good friends (and having lots of hot chocolates) what I also enjoy about coming back from Christmas is that I get to wear those clothes that I didn’t take with me. Those clothes that give me a feeling of comfort and well-being. Like this sweater for example – it is a vintage sweater that I simply adore wearing during winters! It’s cozy, it’s long and a bit baggy, so it is just perfect to keep you comfortable all day long! Oh and on top of that, it has sparkling stones and glittery words on it, so what more to ask?

My point is, when I come home, especially for Christmas, I want to feel good on top of looking good, I want to create memories to take with me, I want to laugh as hard as I can with my friends and I want to share special moments with my family. This is what I want from my holidays, and this is what I am wishing you too! Love, peace, great people around you and special moments to be remembered! So I will wear my cozy sweaters, my long-forgotten heeled boots that I rediscovered and I will hit the town with my friends looking for a cute cafe to spend some time in – just like I did when we took this photos!

The last few days I have been at home, cooking and baking, getting ready for Christmas, giving the house a festive look and hoping that Santa Claus will appreciate all our work and won’t skip our house! So, I hope you’re with your loved ones, enjoying the holidays and I will see you again in a few days, after I get to enjoy all my mom’s great food and all the cakes I baked!

Merry Christmas, D.

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I was wearing:

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Sweater – Vintage

Shirt – Vintage

Coat – Oasis

Bag – JustFab

Boots – Deichmann

Photos by Iulia Romana Pop.