Heeey guys, I just arrived back in England today and I feel like I could fall asleep anytime! Thank you, good friends for picking me up and taking me for coffees and offering me some great laughing moments to cheer me up from the homesickness which is still taking over me.

Anyhow, apart from these emotional tornados that are upon me, I also feel there is a need for some change in my life, and I am not talking about “New Year changes” that usually don’t go past the first week, I am talking about the feeling that you get when your body is begging you to stop giving it delicious haevy food and stuff it with holiday cakes. So, see? It’s not me, it’s my body who asks for a detox and I am ready to give it to it.

To be honest, I have never been, and probably never will be a fan of strict diets. First of all, because your body gets really confused if you go from an “All inclusive” holiday back home to a “Not eating” plan, and second of all because I do love food and I have tried to keep these kind of diets before and they made me unhappy because I would crave stuff and get frustrated and probably eat them anyway after a while.

So, I like this better: go green, but live a little!

Therefore, here are the steps that I am inputing for my January Detox:

1. Drink Water – a lot of water. I already do it, and I guess it’s harder at the beginning, and then you just get thirsty all the time!

2. Drink Green Tea! I don’t know about you, but I love this tea, it really is a great detox for me and I drink a lot of it, even add a slice of lemon once in a while.

3. Exercise – as much as I can, as often as I can. You know, I’ve been home, there was no time for that, but I love working out, it relaxes my body and my mind and gives me that energy to last for the whole day – so from tomorrow, I am back at it!

4. Sleep enough and sleep well! I am really guilty of not doing this, unfortunately, but I am really prioritizing these days and I am trying to get my much needed sleep, so I hope you will too!

5. Eat salads – any kind, any how, as much as you want! Ok, so I am currently craving salads, I feel like I ate way too much during the holidays so my body could definitely use a green break! As a result, I stuffed my fridge with salad and all kind of vegetables to make me happy!

And my last advice…Have a positive mindset, no matter what! I feel like it will get you through everything! Be grateful, appreciate more, smile as often as you can and keep moving forward towards your goals!

That’s all from me today! Oh, and don’t take it too seriously, have a piece of chocolate from once in a while..After all, it’s pure happiness, isn’t it? Well, I hope I gave you some inspiration and motivation on this first Monday of the year to start the year fresh!



Happy detox, D.