Good morning, darlings! I wanted to start this last working day of the week and get you into the weekend with these pictures that I shot before leaving for my holiday back home and I never got to show you. I shot them on an early morning too (hint: the big coffee mug), so I thought I’d relive the moment and this time share it with you too.

I love cozy coats. They’re everything. You can just wear a simple shirt and sneak into a cozy, big coat and you’ll feel great and warm for the whole day. And if the coat comes in a great colour, then even better! As this one did. I love how the mustard colour blends in with the backround. I shot these pictures at the racecourse in Worcester and I never would have thought that they’d turn out as amazing as they did. All that green behind me just make a great contrast with this great coat.

Oh, and my hat! I am in love with hats, and remember I had a post wondering what should I invest in? (here) Well, I decided to go for the hat, and I got this wool hat that is just perfect! I am really picky with hats so when I find one that looks exactly how I want it, I just go for it so here it is!

To be honest, this is one of my favourite type of daily outfits: it’s simple, but classy, it’s casual, but chic, it’s really easy to come up with and it still looks good.

Have a great weekend, my loves! Friday will be over before you know it and then you’ll get to enjoy your much awaited weekend, or, if you’re in my case of “rocking the student life” you’ll be in the library, sipping on coffees and surrounding yourself by books and notes, great weekend indeed! But, less whining and more working, so I shall start today!

Many hugs, D.














I was wearing:

Coat – New Look

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Shirt – Vintage

Hat – Primark

Necklace – Meli Melo

Ring – Avon

Belt – Primark

Bag – New Yorker

Boots – New Look

Photos by: Sara Marsalo.