Since I have been spending my days in between library, assignments and lectures I thought I might as well embrace my life right now and dress appropriately: like a school girl.

I always liked uniforms, especially here in England, I like walking down the street and seeing college kids dressed in uniforms. It looks good, it looks like you are a part of something and somehow that you are going somewhere with it. I know, a lot of words, but that is all I have been doing lately, I have been writing, I have a lot of deadlines right now and a lot of writing to do, but I love writing. so I don’t complain. I would choose writing over memorizing a book anytime. It’s just something where you feel you have your own input, you are actually using your ideas, your creativity into making something new. Or at least that’s how I feel, that you bring something instead of just memorizing what others wrote and not leaving any trace of your ideas.

So what better place to get some inspiration, fresh air and some creativity going, than a park? All green, all calm, it just makes you want to stay there the whole day. Except for the wind. It’s been so windy in England that you just want to get somewhere safe and warm, so long walks through the park are not such a good idea (sigh..).

But opthimism is always good, so I still went through the park and guess what? The sun came up at some point and lightened my day, filled me with a bit of vitamin D and gave me some beautiful pictures to share with you, guys! So, I hope you enjoy them, have an amazing rest of the week and I will come back with a brand new outfit during the weekend!

Much love, D.














I was wearing:

Dress – MiniPrix

Shirt – Primark

Vest – No particular brand

Jacket – Vintage

Bow Tie – Avon

Boots – Clarks

Bag – Herve Leger

Bracelet – Accessorize

Watch – Calvin Klein

Ring – Avon

Photos by Sara Marsalo.