Now that is that time of the year when the library is the main place to be, I am happy everytime I have a bit of time to escape from it! And if the sun happens to be shining at that time, I really don’t mind!

So, I didn’t shy away this time either, it was so cloudy that when I saw the sun finally sneaking in through the clouds, I knew it was the perfect time to go out and do some pictures! I have barely any make up, an orange sweater on to match with the sunlight and some pearls accessorizing my look, with a little cute D hanging from my bracelet!

I am in England, sun doesn’t shine often and when it does it doesn’t last for too long, so when I see some bright sunshines, I step right in front of them! Some people can’t stand having the sun in their face, but me, I simply love it! The moment the sun touches my face, I immediately start to smile!

As a result, my face is all white (not that I’d usually be a tanned person or something), I actually had to be told when to open my eyes, as I was blinking all the time, but I really loved this vitamin D filling session!¬†Oh, and as it’s been raining quite a lot recently, the river is out and so are the swans, exploring the shores, so I got a few shots with them too!

I hope some sun from these pictures comes to you too, and enlightenes your weekend, making it bright and shiny and you, a happy, smiling person! Hang in there, assignments are almost done, or at least this is what I say to myself, hope it works!

Enjoy your weekend, D.














I was wearing:

Jeans – New Look

Sweater – No particular brand

Shirt – Zara

Jacket – New Look

Boots – BB Up

Bag – Herve Leger

Ring – Avon

Bracelet – Avon

Necklace – Vintage

Photos by Sara Marsalo.