This has been my state of mind lately. I am not entirely blue, don’t think of it like I am sad or depressed or something like that, because I am totally not! But I think the fact that I have so many things on my mind, so many things to be solved and on top of them, the assignments, really help keeping me in this reflective mood. Yes, that’s it! That’s what it is! I just realized how to define this. I have been reflecting a lot lately, an mostly on me, which is good because I love realizing things about me and I am always amazed how there is always something new that you can find about yourself.

I believe that knowing yourself really well brings you closer to being successful, because then you know your flaws and you’re working on them and also, you know your strengths and how to pack them really nicely and send them out there for the people to realize them. Friends have also given opinions lately on my way of doing things, all positive apparently, so that kind of assured me that I am on the right way and I really hope they’re right!

However, the day I shot these pictures was a totally blue day. I woke up later than expected and since I like to live by a schedule, everything got messed up and I ended up running around, even for this photoshoot. Oh, and the wind! It insisted on being present in each moment of my day, and doing my hair during the photoshoot too, just perfect! But still, doing this always relaxes me: taking pictures, thinking of what I will write, getting inspired, all these bring a smile on my face and give me a boost of motivation filled with energy to do just about everything!

I matched my ‘kind of blue’ mood with a blue scarf and a blue skirt (subtle, huh?). Some tones of beige and brown also fitted in, so this casual-chic outfit was created! Comfortable, cozy, but still stylish, just how I like it.

These are times of change and reflection for me. And I am happy and grateful, they should be! They should get me thinking about improving myself and shaping my goals, this is all your 20s are about, right?

Anyway, last assignment submission is today (yeeey!!! ) and so, some more relaxing days are coming and I am here waiting to embrace them with my arms wide open! So, hopefully, all this blue thingy will go away and warmer colours will take over me! Until next time…

Lots of love, D.













I was wearing:

Skirt – Custom-made

Top – Primark

Sweater – Vero Moda

Jacket – Vintage

Scarf – No particular brand

Bag – JustFab

Boots – New Look

Ring – Accessorize

Necklace – Avon

Photos by Sara Marsalo.