Well, hello there!

You know how I keep repeating myself saying that I love walks along the river! I have always loved water: seas, rivers, lakes, they all give me that sense of calm and I feel that it’s a great place to reflect and get everything sorted when life gets crazy. Somehow I feel that it gives me hope, you know? Because a river will keep flowing, no matter what, water will create a way to keep its course, so I feel like so will I, I will find a way and my life will go as it should, even if I sometimes have to go on some bumpy rides and get confused on where I am going and if it’s worth it. But it is. Life goes on. And obstacles are challenges and we should see them as such. And I am grateful to have a great family and amazing friends to remind me of these things.

Long walks across the river remind me of why my life is great and I should be grateful for every second and for all the amazing people that I have in my life. Because sometimes it’s easy to forget that. I have dreams and goals and I wanna go far and make a difference and oh, so many things! But sometimes I need to understand that not everything falls into place overnight and that hard work does pay off, but it takes time to see results.

Still, I am glad that by taking a walk, all these things come back to me and so I get back on to work!

Now, I love to have a great scarf like the one in the pictures on my walks, I mean, what could be better than getting wrapped-up and cozy in it, while still rocking this awesome print? And then again, burgundy is a colour I can hardly resist and I just fell for this combination of beige, brown and burgundy – it is totally giving the same calm as the river!

I am sorry about this melancholia-deep-philosophical vibe, but I want to be honest and share with you my exact state of mind. I mean, why tell a picture-perfect story if you’re not in it? But don’t lose hope, we’ll get there and we’ll look back on how all these challenges made us stronger and lead us to the place we should be in.

Have a lovely weekend!

Keep it real and smile through it, D.















I was wearing:

Shirt – Vintage

Trousers – No particular brand

Gloves – Handmade

Scarf – No particular brand

Necklace – Birmingham Market

Bag – No particular brand

Boots – Primark

Photos by Sara Marsalo.